Creative Writing

From time to time, I’ve been known to write short stories. As a child, I often read the likes of the Best SF series, edited by Edmund Crispin, and stories like those became a source of my inspiration.

There are two sci-fi short stories that have always stood out in my memory, and both were included in Best SF Four. The first is Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes (which was also adapted to film), and the second is Hobbyist by Eric Frank Russell; my all-time favourite.

In more recent years, my enjoyment of the sci-fi novel genre has grown to include Issac AsimovDouglas Adams and Richard Matheson, but I have plenty of favourite authors in other genres too, such as Sir Terry Pratchett for his Discworld series. I also studied the artwork and style of H. R. Giger while I was at school (i.e. Alien).

I prompted myself to make this post when I stumbled upon one of my old pieces of creative writing while rummaging through an external HDD full of backups. Rather than post each story separately, I’ve put them on individual pages within this one post, listed and linked below.

A piece of fan-fiction about the game Supreme Commander by Gas Powered Games, which I originally posted on their community forums in 2008.

I used a purpose-built programming language called AlanIF to make an “Interactive Fiction” game back in 2007. People who know me well will also know about my keen interest in Russian history and culture, which often inspires me for setting and atmosphere in my stories like this one.

“Dead Meat” was a short horror story I wrote just for fun some time around 2003. I’d visited Toronto in Canada a year before, which was clearly part of the inspiration behind this story.

  • Maybe others to be added later. Enjoy! 🙂