Hello and welcome to my blog.

If you haven’t already, please visit the About page for information about me and this online portfolio. In short, I aim to showcase my work here, whether it be university assignments, industry experience or personal projects.

Here is a summary of some stuff I will be writing about:

Note: I’ve added links to the respective articles since posting them.

  • My final-year dissertation – a 20,000 word paper entitled “What Elements of Game Design Provide ‘Emergent Gameplay’?”, supplemented with a simple platformer game and analysis tool to aid my research.
  • AI steering behaviours and pathfinding, combined to make a tech-demo of ‘boids’ moving in formation.
  • Two projects that involved Emergent’s Gamebryo engine. The first was a group assignment, where we produced a space-based trading and combat game similar in design to Frontier: Elite 2. The second involved the developing some middleware as a distributable DLL and then integrating it with Gamebryo.
  • A DirectX-based particle system, designed to compare the performance difference between the use of point-sprites and the traditional billboard technique.
  • Networked Battleships, written in Java using non-blocking sockets.
  • Two versions of an Asteroids clone, one written in C#, the other in Python for comparison purposes.
  • A ‘flocking’ algorithm tech-demo on the Sony PSP, written in C and optimised with inline MIPS assembly.
  • A software renderer, written entirely in C++.
  • Giving presentations.
  • Modifying Unreal Tournament 2004 with a total conversion, themed around the works of Enid Blyton. Involved level design and scripting for the Unreal Engine.
  • Many Second Life assignments, including gameshow style minigames and extracurricular projects such as scripting press events for the University of Derby and producing machinima for a Channel 4 pilot TV programme (directed by Pixel-Lab).

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