DirectX 9: Particle Effects

For the “Advanced 3D Graphics Programming” module in the final year of my university degree, we were given an open-ended assignment whereby we could choose to create a tech-demo of any graphics technique that we wanted, and attempt to enhance it in some way (in terms of performance, quality, or by combining it with other techniques). After some deliberation, I chose to create a particle effect system using a traditional “billboarding” technique in DirectX 9 with C++. I then demonstrated the performance benefit that could be gained by reproducing the exact same effect with “point sprites” instead, and wrote a report to document my findings. My work received a “B+” grade overall.


An x86 (Windows) executable of this application is available from the following link if you’d like to try it out.

Particles App – x86 Executable (.ZIP, 25.8 KB)

Read on for the technical details of this project.

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