DiRT 4

DiRT 4 was launched on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 9th June 2017.

As the first project I worked on from start to finish as a Senior Game Designer at Codemasters, I had a wide range of responsibilities that were mostly focussed around the following features:

  • Overall game structure
  • Framework of Career, Freeplay & Jam Session modes
  • UI & flow
  • Livery Editor
  • Team Identity
  • Vehicle Tuning
  • Progression System
  • Game Economy
  • Datamining & Analytics
  • Scriptwriting

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DiRT Rally

DiRT Rally took the world by surprise when it was simultaneously announced and made available for Early Access on 27th April 2015. It quickly garnered critical success, as the community appreciated the series returning to its roots by focussing on rallying with an all-new simulation-based handling and physics model. Fans were able to take part in the game’s journey, shaping it with their feedback into the final version that was released on 7th December 2015.

During its time in Early Access, the game grew to include new rallying locations, new vehicles, the addition of Rallycross and Hillclimb disciplines, and even new game modes. By popular demand, DiRT Rally was also ported to console platforms, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions released on 5th April 2016. The game was also a blockbuster for PS VR, with a DLC upgrade on 17th February 2017 that optimised the game for PS4 Pro, added an innovative new co-driver mode, and allowed players to enjoy rallying as a top-notch VR experience.

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GRID Autosport

Codemasters released GRID Autosport in the UK on 27th June 2014, on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Much of the momentum from developing GRID 2 was continued into GRID Autosport, lending to the relatively short development time. GRID Autosport was also an opportunity to address feedback from our community fanbase regarding GRID 2.

As a result, GRID Autosport dispensed with a narrative story-line and brought the focus back to pure racing, with 5 distinct driving disciplines to master, and a handling model just as authentic and visceral as the original Race Driver: GRID.

As a Game Designer, this project was my largest challenge to date, as I was given responsibility for the Online Multiplayer portion of the game. More information on what this entailed is given below…

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Onwards & Upwards

As of October 2012, Codemasters has given me the opportunity to work on a new AAA multi-platform racing title – GRID 2! Here’s the teaser-trailer:

Auto Club Revolution

I was previously working on a “freemium” online multiplayer sim-racing game called “Auto Club Revolution” at Eutechnyx Ltd. as a Game Designer.

  • Developer – Eutechnyx Ltd
  • Publisher – AutoClubRevolution.com
  • Platform – PC Online (Browser & Client)
  • Release Date – Open Beta Q2 2012

“Auto Club Revolution delivers a console quality online racing game to the free-to-play market while creating a social platform for communities of car enthusiasts and racing fans. The unique combination of console quality racing, social features and close collaboration with motor manufacturers creates the ultimate venues for racing game fans and car enthusiasts alike. Racing game fans will enjoy the array of visually stunning officially-licenced cars, with realistic driving performances and handling around custom-built and real world licenced race tracks. Car enthusiasts will immerse themselves in an online world built around their favourite car brands and enjoy exclusive access and first looks at new car models through branded ‘Auto Clubs’. The team has drawn heavily on their 14 years experience creating racing games to create a revolutionary new approach to the genre and has worked very closely with many major motor brands to deliver unrivalled access to the player’s favourite car marques.” – Eutechnyx Ltd.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

I’ve recently been overcome with nostalgia and revisited several of my favourite games from “back in the day”. Some of  EA and Westwood’s Command & Conquer games are among those that hold a special place in my heart, but not all. I’m quite particular about which of the series I like; namely Red Alert 1 and 2 along with Generals and their respective expansion packs. Yes, I admit it, I don’t care very much for the Tiberium games. Sorry.

Anyway, many moons ago, I used to tinker under the bonnet of Red Alert 2, modifying its config files to produce amusing results, like flying cows that could rapid-fire nuke shells across the map with a sniper rifle. I also used to build maps for it, but as I’ve had several computers that each saw multiple hard-disc wipes since the days when Red Alert 2 was in its prime, I’ve long-since lost them all. So, yesterday I decided to make a new one. Just to see if I still could.

After a little searching, I found the semi-official map editing tool, Final Alert 2, and set about rebuilding one of the multiplayer/skirmish map designs I’d once made from memory. It was loosely inspired by one of my favourite maps from Cavedog’s Total Annihilation, “Shore 2 Shore”. Read on to see how it turned out.

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