Gamebryo: Space Trading & Combat Game

This is another of my second year university assignments for a module called “Applied Game Development”. We were grouped into teams of 5 or 6 students, and tasked with producing a space trading and combat game on the PC using Emergent’s Gamebryo engine. Our game was called “Exosphere“, and our team was called “N²O Studios”.

Within our teams, we were expected to assign ourselves specific roles, such as Project Manager, Programmer, Audio Engineer, and so on (although all of us contributed to the code-base). The Project Manager, for example, had the responsibility of scheduling our project using a Gantt Chart. I was the Designer for my team, and produced the design documentation for our game along with the GUI. I also programmed many prototype gameplay features.

We were required to use industry-standard tools like source control, and provide input using an Xbox 360 controller. Besides that, the assignment specification was kept deliberately vague – instead, we were given frequent feature requests, which we had to implement and demonstrate as milestone deliverables on a weekly basis.

The format of this module was intended to provide us with a sample of what to expect when working in the games industry (since we had not yet been on placement at this point). To keep track of which team members were developing what, we organised bi-weekly meetings and produced a wiki where we could document our progress. The team’s attendance and attitude to this assignment was of a very high standard, and we received an “A-” grade for this coursework.


The design documentation that I wrote for Exosphere is available for download from the following link:

Exosphere – Design Documentation (.ZIP, 1.3 MB)

Unfortunately, I do not have an executable of the game available at this time. Continue reading to find out more about the features of this project.

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