Auto Club Revolution

I was previously working on a “freemium” online multiplayer sim-racing game called “Auto Club Revolution” at Eutechnyx Ltd. as a Game Designer.

  • Developer – Eutechnyx Ltd
  • Publisher –
  • Platform – PC Online (Browser & Client)
  • Release Date – Open Beta Q2 2012

“Auto Club Revolution delivers a console quality online racing game to the free-to-play market while creating a social platform for communities of car enthusiasts and racing fans. The unique combination of console quality racing, social features and close collaboration with motor manufacturers creates the ultimate venues for racing game fans and car enthusiasts alike. Racing game fans will enjoy the array of visually stunning officially-licenced cars, with realistic driving performances and handling around custom-built and real world licenced race tracks. Car enthusiasts will immerse themselves in an online world built around their favourite car brands and enjoy exclusive access and first looks at new car models through branded ‘Auto Clubs’. The team has drawn heavily on their 14 years experience creating racing games to create a revolutionary new approach to the genre and has worked very closely with many major motor brands to deliver unrivalled access to the player’s favourite car marques.” – Eutechnyx Ltd.



Hello and welcome to my blog.

If you haven’t already, please visit the About page for information about me and this online portfolio. In short, I aim to showcase my work here, whether it be university assignments, industry experience or personal projects.

Here is a summary of some stuff I will be writing about:

Note: I’ve added links to the respective articles since posting them.

  • My final-year dissertation – a 20,000 word paper entitled “What Elements of Game Design Provide ‘Emergent Gameplay’?”, supplemented with a simple platformer game and analysis tool to aid my research.
  • AI steering behaviours and pathfinding, combined to make a tech-demo of ‘boids’ moving in formation.
  • Two projects that involved Emergent’s Gamebryo engine. The first was a group assignment, where we produced a space-based trading and combat game similar in design to Frontier: Elite 2. The second involved the developing some middleware as a distributable DLL and then integrating it with Gamebryo.
  • A DirectX-based particle system, designed to compare the performance difference between the use of point-sprites and the traditional billboard technique.
  • Networked Battleships, written in Java using non-blocking sockets.
  • Two versions of an Asteroids clone, one written in C#, the other in Python for comparison purposes.
  • A ‘flocking’ algorithm tech-demo on the Sony PSP, written in C and optimised with inline MIPS assembly.
  • A software renderer, written entirely in C++.
  • Giving presentations.
  • Modifying Unreal Tournament 2004 with a total conversion, themed around the works of Enid Blyton. Involved level design and scripting for the Unreal Engine.
  • Many Second Life assignments, including gameshow style minigames and extracurricular projects such as scripting press events for the University of Derby and producing machinima for a Channel 4 pilot TV programme (directed by Pixel-Lab).

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